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From Forest to Farmland

From Forest to Farmland image

19.00 - 20.00 Ulster Museum

Using science to understand changes in the Irish landscape. Dr Gill Plunkett, Dept. of Archaeology, QUB, will consider how climate and humans have shaped the landscape that we see around us today since the end of the last ice age. Understanding past environmental change draws on a range of biological, physical, chemical, earth and archaeological science techniques, and provides a baseline for distinguishing natural changes from human impacts. Thus, we will look at ways in which we can gather evidence from bogs, lakes and other environments to examine when and why climate changed in the past, what impacts these changes had on the natural environment and on societies that endured them, and what role humans have played in transforming the landscape over the course of thousands of years. A Northern Ireland Science Festival Event.

Contact: N/a Telephone Number: 028 9044 0000