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Online Lecture on Thomas Cooley's architectural drawings

Online Lecture on Thomas Cooley's architectural drawings image

Monday 4 October 2021 at 7.30pm Armagh Robinson Library

Celebrate World Architecture Day by attending this online lecture on the architectural drawings of Thomas Cooley, which form part of the collection at Armagh Robinson Library

Thomas Cooley was employed by the Library's founder, Archbishop Richard Robinson, to erect several signifIcant public buildings within Armagh - the first being the Library itself. Original drawings for the Library and several others of these buildings are held within the Library. The talk will accompany a special online exhibition of some of the drawings, designed to connect with the Library's 250th anniversary.

The speaker will be Dr Michael O'Neill, an architectural historian.

The Library is grateful to the Northern Ireland Museums Council for funding towards this event through its Museums Connect Grant Scheme.

Cost: Free

Contact: Dr Robert Whan Telephone Number: 028 3752 3142