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Exhibition: Moon Landing, Voyager & Viking Missions

Exhibition: Moon Landing, Voyager & Viking Missions image

Monday-Friday, 10.00-13.00, and 14.00-16.00, plus Sat. 20 July, 10.00-16.00. Please check website for special closures! Armagh Robinson Library Runs until 31 July 2019

Part of the spectacular International Astronomical Union Centenary Exhibition, 'Above and Beyond: Making Sense of the Universe for 100 Years' - shared between five venues in Armagh City.

This international travelling exhibition comemorates the International Astronomical Union's centenary by showcasing some of the most significant astronomical breakthroughs that have shaped science, technology and culture over the last century. Also visiting Paris, Munich, Rome and Vienna during 2019, the exhibition will be exhibited across five venues around Armagh during the second half of July. The section at Armagh Robinson Library and No 5 Vicars' Hill will cover the decade 1969-1978, including the moon landing, Voyager and Viking missions. Armagh Planetarium will have the  sections on 1919-1938 and 1999-Present, while Armagh County Museum will have the sections on 1939-1968 and the Market Place Threate the sections on 1979-1998.

Founded in 1919, the International Astronomical Union aims to promote and safeguard the science of astronomy in all its aspects, including research, communication, education and development, through international cooperation.

Cost: Free Entry

Contact: Dr Robert Whan Telephone Number: 02837523142