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What We Do

NIMC are the lead body supporting Northern Ireland’s local museums.

We deliver support through advice, advocacy, skills development and capacity building, and financial assistance.  The Northern Ireland Museums Policy (NIMP) frames our activities in support of the NI local museum sector.


Innovation, collaboration and professionalism underpin our approach.


Our Programmes

Past programmes


The difference we make 

Through our own activities and our projects with partners we will ensure museums change lives delivering positive social and economic benefits for the people of Northern Ireland.

Our planning and performance framework aligns to the Northern Ireland Executive’s draft Programme for Government.  We can make a major contribution to Outcome 5 – We are an innovative, creative, society, where people can fulfil their potential – in particular,

Indicator 27 - % engaging in arts/cultural activities.

We can also support and make contributions to Outcomes 9, 10 and 12.

Our 2018-19 strategic objectives have been developed using the Balanced Scorecard model used by DfC.


NIMC is a membership body and we keep in close contact with our museums and the growing number of our individual members. This ensures that what we do is firmly rooted in supporting and enhancing the public’s experience and enjoyment of our local museums. Consequently the Council fulfils a unique bridging role: on the one hand ensuring that government support for local museums is informed by professional practice and the public need; and on the other working to enhance local museums’ awareness and contribution to government policy.