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Training Programme

NIMC Training Programme 2019-2020

Digital Museums' - NIMC Forum - FULLY BOOKED

Date: 11 December 2019
Venue: PRONI
Cost: Free for NIMC Members/£20 for non-members

The Forum offers the opportunity to reflect on key issues and consider where the sector is currently and highlights development priorities.  This year's topic will be Digital Museums'.  Digital technologies and ways of working are rapidly impacting on audience behaviour and expectations, the nature of our collections, as well as how we fulfil our mission.  These areas will be explored throughout the Forum through a mix of digital interactions and more formal presentations as well as group discussions.  Up to date research will be presented as well as an array of case studies; from enhancing visitor experience, digitising collections and making them available on-line, to manging efficient and sustainable organisations.  Discussions throughout the day with peers from Northern Ireland, and across Republic of Ireland and United Kingdom will help provide insight into how we can better harness the potential of digital in the museum sector.

The NIMC Museum Forums are a great opportunity to network, hear about the latest research and case studies, discuss sector challenges and opportunities, as well as input into the direction of NIMC's work on developing the local museum sector.  The NIMC Museum Forum is free for NIMC members.

Just a Minute (Jam) Card Training - FULLY BOOKED

Trainers: Now Group
Date: 22nd January 2020
Venue: HMS Caroline
Cost: Free

JAM Card is used by those living with a communication barrier or delay.  The card can be shown to indicate that the cardholder requires a little more time in daily communication scenarios.  Users may be living with, for example, a learning disability, brain injury or dementia.  Attending this session will enable your museum to have JAM-friendly status.  The JAM logo indicates that staff and volunteers can promote and support an inclusive and accessible environment.

Collections Review and Rationalisation

Trainers: Sarah Browne, Collections Trust
Date: 3rd February 2020
Venue: Cultra Manor, Ulster Folk Museum
Cost: £70 for NIMC members, £110 for non-members

Details: Collections review enables a museum to improve its understanding of a collection so that it can be used more effectively.  Collections reviews are often the first stage of rationalising collections, which can lead to the deaccessioning and disposal of objects.  However, there are many other reasons to review your collections.  These include understanding the significance of your holding; identifying opportunities to develop under-used collections; getting new insights into what your users find interesting about your objects; and planning future research, use and collections care.

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