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Schools And Learning

Your local museum provides a range of learning experiences through which lifelong enthusiasms may be stimulated. These include programmes for schools, workshops, talks, tours, and other participative activities. Through these services people of all ages can learn more about, and share their own knowledge of, history, heritage and cultural identity.

The Northern Ireland Museums Council defines Learning in Museums as a process of active engagement with experience. It is what people do when they want to make sense of the world. It may involve the development or deepening of skills, knowledge, understanding, values, ideas and feelings. Effective learning in museums can lead to change, development and the desire to learn more.

Museums who put learning at the centre of what they do will share their vision of their role and purpose as learning providers and supporters. They will show initiative, be flexible in adapting experiences to the needs of the learner, be open to new ideas and approaches, focus on the outcomes for learners, and develop their staff.

Here you will find a search facility where you can browse Schools and Learning events and programmes taking place in museums throughout Northern Ireland.



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