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The Northern Ireland Museums Council is a UK Registered Charity. Making a donation to us directly assists with the preservation of our heritage, as every penny donated goes to the NIMC Acquisition Fund.

Our museums can apply to the Fund for assistance with the purchase of objects and artefacts for their collections, which once acquired are preserved in perpetuity for this and future generations.

Currently you can donate by:

  • Becoming a Member of NIMC (the whole of your membership fee goes to the Fund)
  • Sending a personal, business or bank counter cheque or money order to NIMC Acquisition Fund, Northern Ireland Museums Council 153 Bangor Road, Holywood, County Down, Northern Ireland, BT18 0EU
  • Or, doing both of the above!

If you are thinking about donating an object or a collection to a museum NIMC can give you advice and guidance on associated matters. If you wish to discuss the matter further please contact us or, alternatively, complete and submit the form below and a NIMC staff member will be in touch.