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NIMC assesses applications from local museums in Northern Ireland and prepares a report to present to the Accreditation panel.

We review of all information submitted and we often contact you to ask for more information or clarification. All museums applying to the Accreditation Scheme for the first time will also receive a site visit.


Site visits

Site visits help us to gain a better understanding of your organisation. We visit all new applicants to the scheme, museums that have been through a period of significant change and a 10% sample of all returns.

We will let you know if we are planning on doing a site visit to your museum.

The following documents provide information on what should be expected during these site visits

Accreditation Site Visit Briefing Sheet

Accreditation Site Visit Checklist


Award outcomes

Once we have presented your report to the Accreditation panel, they will make a decision on your application.

There are a number of possible decisions they can make. For further information, please see the Accreditation guidance.