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Accredited Museums

Museums already in the Accreditation Scheme

Museums are periodically required to provide evidence that they continue to comply with the Accreditation Standard through the returns process. Existing participants will be invited to provide a return through a staged roll out

There are currently 43 Accredited Museums in Northern Ireland which are detailed in the documents below:

Guidance documents to support you in your return can be found on the useful documents page. Returns should be undertaken through an online application hosted by the Arts Council.

Applicants can use the Word version of the form as a support document in the planning stages of their online application. You can cut and paste text from the word document directly to the online application form.

If you are a museum in Northern Ireland and should you wish to complete an application or return on a paper version, please do not contact the Arts Council England directly, instead contact the Northern Ireland Accreditation Assessor, at or call on 028 9055 0215.