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About Us

Welcome to the website of the Northern Ireland Museums Council.  Here you will find information on how we operate and a profile of the Council’s Board and staff. As an open and transparent organisation working in the public sector, we have also provided you with links to a range of documents on the Council’s policies and operations, and relating to our statutory duties.

The Northern Ireland Museums Council is the lead body supporting local museums across Northern Ireland. During 2021, we developed with our Board of Directors, staff, members and external stakeholders, a new Corporate Plan spanning 2022-2025 it is titled Museums at the Heart.

As the lead development body for local museums across Northern Ireland. We share a vision for a dynamic, inclusive, and sustainable museum sector that delivers benefits for the whole of society. Museums have the potential to make a powerful impact on our lives. They educate, stimulate, and entertain us, but they also have a capacity to contribute to our well-being, create better places to live and work, and provide safe spaces to exchange ideas and facilitate debate.

NI Museums Council works with local museums and its members throughout Northern Ireland, empowering museums through: Accreditation; providing training and skills development; advice and advocacy; brokering purposeful partnerships; and, enabling museums to connect with communities to increase participation in cultural and heritage activities. 

Museums at the Heart describes how we will achieve this by setting out our Vision, Mission, Goals, Values and Delivery Principles.


Dynamic, inclusive and sustainable museums at the heart of our culture and communities


To champion, develop and strengthen museums to achieve mutual goals


Museums are Connected to their Communities and Cultivate a Shared Sense Of Place

Museums Enrich People’s Lives and Create Opportunities for Enjoyment, Learning and Fulfilment

Museums Drive Transformation to Make Us More Sustainable, Inclusive and Innovative

Museums Contribute to Economic And Social Recovery

Museums Develop, Protect and Promote Their Collections and Collections Knowledge for the Benefit of Their Audiences


Collaboration to build partnerships, supporting co-operation and co-design

Innovation to champion new ideas, embrace opportunities and achieve better outcomes

Integrity to engender trust, confidence and respect.


Effective - We will develop dynamic and agile processes to deliver the best results for our-museums

Evidence based - We will gather data to enable informed and objective decision making and evaluation

Impact Orientated - We will maximise positive outcomes through targeted and impactful programmes and projects.